Inquiry about the machine ******

Dear Sirs,

This is Toshiya Takenaka with FUJII SEED COMPANY dealing in seeds of vegetables, located in Osaka, Japan.

Actually, we bought your machine ***** in 2015 and we have been using it until now, but we have a situation right now. Actually it seems the machine doesn’t work properly. I’m not well versed, so I don’t know what to do so far. I can turn the power on, and the barrel starts rotating as well, but the seeds doesn’t come to the barrel automatically. It’s supposed to vibrate and feed the seeds. So I think the device that feeds seeds is in trouble.

Do you have any ideas to fix this problem? We have already tried to see what was happening with inside of the machine, but we couldn’t even open the panel that covers the device we wanted to see because the screw was too firm to open. So if you have a distributer in Japan or know someone who can solve this problem, please let us know.

I’m sorry for the rush, but please respond at your earliest convenient.


Best regards,

Toshiya Takenaka


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